Information about the town and our organization.


    The Village of Stamford is situated in the Northern Catskill Mountains in Delaware County, New York near its border with Schoharie County. Surrounded by spectacular rural landscapes, Stamford retains a unique small-town character (population around 2100), with a Main Street lined with architecturally significant buildings, housing an array of small, independent businesses, and grand Victorian houses giving evidence that this once was a special resort destination known as the “Queen of the Catskills.”

    Historical Catskill Mountain towns such as Jefferson and Hobart are within a 10-mile radius of Stamford, forming a larger collective community and each one benefiting from proximity to each other. Abundant with natural attractions, such as the Catskill Scenic Trail, the Headwaters Trails, Mount Utsayantha, and Mine Kill State Park, the Stamford area is an ideal getaway for the nature tourist, and is a perfect base for sports tourists interested in skiing, road and mountain biking, golfing and fly fishing. Moreover, the area is eminently livable, blessed with clean air, rich water resources and fertile land. The members of the Stamford New York Business Alliance represent what makes this area so special—a diverse group of individuals and businesses with a strong sense of community. They are farmers, designers, librarians, chefs, distillers, antiques dealers, teachers, editors, and realtors, to name but a few of the trades represented. We feel lucky to live in this part of the world and hope to see you soon.



    Stamford New York Business Alliance is organized as a 501(c)(6), tax-exempt association of businesses, organizations and individuals located in the greater Stamford area, encompassing the municipalities of Stamford, Harpersfield, Hobart, Jefferson and Grand Gorge. The Alliance advocates for its members at all levels of government to support business activity, community health and the region’s overall prosperity. Through organizing events and supporting initiatives that capitalize on the region’s extraordinary nature, culinary, cultural and outdoor activity offerings, the Alliance seeks to draw visitors and area residents and workers to our businesses and institutions. Through its efforts, the Alliance aims to highlight the unique features of this section of rural Upstate New York and play a role in its social and economic well being.


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